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Mixing technology from Engelsmann is used in diverse industries such as in the chemicals, plastics, food, pharmacological and metallurgical sectors. Our supply portfolio here comprises a wide spectrum of free-fall and thrust mixers that can be adapted to customized requirements thanks to their modular construction.

Regardless of whether gentle mixing is your priority or substances that are more difficult to mix, regardless of whether a single machine or an entire mixing system is required, we will deliver the appropriate solution to you!

The drum hoop mixer JEL RRM is used for mixing, homogenization and coloring of bulk solids and fluids. For high demands a hygiene variant is available.
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The drum rolling mixer JEL FRM is particularly suitable for mixing, regrouping, deflashing, dissolving, emulsifying and grinding bulk solids and liquids of any kind.
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The double cone mixer JEL DKM is designed for mixing, homogenizing and dying components in the form of powder or granules up to a nominal value of 10,000 l.
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The container mixer JEL CM is mainly used for mixing, homogenizing and dying components in the form of powder or granules and for dissolving solids in liquids as well as for all other mixing jobs.
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The drum mixer JEL TRM is used for mixing and homogenizing dry and pourable bulk solids as well as for micro-spraying and reaction processes and other jobs ranging from degassing through to mixing products with deposits that are paste-like or even dough-like.
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