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Maintenance Agreements

As one of Engelmann’s maintenance agreement customers, you will be treated with a special level of priority when you have repair requirements. Detecting signs of wear and tear early means preventing expensive repairs and avoidable downtime. You will also simplify your budget planning and turn this into a foreseeable and calculable parameter. Furthermore, if you conclude a maintenance agreement with us, you have the option of extending the period of your warranty.


  • Maintenance work completed on site at fixed intervals by specially trained personnel
  • Creation of a maintenance plan for the work to be completed with information on the appropriate maintenance interval
  • Documentation of all the maintenance work according to the maintenance plan
  • Maintenance report on the overall condition of the machine/system to be serviced

Convincing facts

  •  A fixed price throughout the entire period of the contract (no surcharges)
  •  Preferential scheduling for customers with a maintenance agreement
  •  Invoicing of lower hourly rates for any additional work that exceeds the outlines in the maintenance agreement
  •  Use of specially trained personnel for all maintenance work

Your point of contact

Ansprechpartner Marco Didone

Marco Didone
Head of After Sales

Phone: +49(0)621/59002-300

Ansprechpartner Marcel Bartl

Marcel Bartl
After Sales, Construction Planning

Phone: +49(0)621 59002-49

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