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Quality made by Engelsmann

For us, quality is not just a catchword – we live it. It is our ambition to constantly keep the quality of all machines and systems we deliver and all services we provide at the highest level of our sector and to surpass the standards of quality we are required to meet. In order to achieve these goals, we are working on constant optimization of every factor involved in the manufacture of our products and the production of our services.


Quality is embodied by every single one of our employees. For this, they must measure up to the shifting demands of their job. We ensure continuing education for our employees with the opportunity for achieving additional qualifications as well as their high degree of specialist competence with continual training measures.

Raw materials

The raw materials we order are subject to strict quality controls. Numerous criteria at high standards must be fulfilled beginning with the selection of our suppliers. When incoming goods are received, we undergo a comprehensive inspection of the materials based on the described specifications. It is only when this is completed without detecting any defects that the materials are approved for further processing.


Quality is also based on optimized process procedures. That is why we conduct audits regularly in order to detect value creation potential and to initiate an improvement process if required. Our machines and systems only leave the factory after undergoing an extensive inspection by our QM specialist.

Quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001

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Engelsmann maintains a QM system which is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

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Moreover, Engelsmann products are audited and certified in accordance with European Guideline 94/9/EG for devices and protective systems for conventional use in areas exposed to explosion hazards in accordance with DIN EN 13980. With these, we fulfill the requirements to supply protective systems for areas subject to explosion hazards due to dust.

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Quality Management

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