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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Engelsmann was confronted with a whole host of new demands, tools and work processes almost overnight. Our sales representative Michael Blanz reports his experience of the challenges and opportunities for selling components and systems for the process industry. more


Easily solved: Problems with agglomerated bulk solids

If you work with bulk solids you will know that agglomerates, lumps and other nuisances are not uncommon. They can form during transport, storage, repacking or packing processes and during production. Luckily, problems with agglomerated bulk solids can be easily solved. We have compiled a list of screening and crushing machines that can help you in such cases. more


NEW: Contamination-Free Big Bag Filling up to OEB 4

Our SmartCon series, which until now could only be used for big bag emptying, now also comes in a filling version. Thanks to the high degree of automation, big bags can be filled safe and easily up to OEB 4. Visit our new product page to learn more about our new filling system. more


Contamination-Free Big Bag Emptying up to OEB 4: A Step by Step Guide

Emptying big bags under containment conditions doesn’t need to be complicated: With our JEL SmartCon ES attachment system, the contamination-free emptying of big bags up to OEB 4 can be done in just 6 work steps. In our latest product video which guides you through the operation process step by step, you can see just how easy the handling of the SmartCon system is. more


JEL Konti II: Not Live but in Action

Whether you are focusing on Hygienic Design, easy handling or a fast screen change: The vibration screening machine JEL Konti II satisfies various requirements with ease. In our latest product video you can explore how the handling works In detail and what the further advantages of this screening machine are. more

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