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JEL Viro

Centrifugal sifter

JEL Viro

Adjustable rotating beaters

JEL Viro

Screen cleaning via vibration of sieve fabric

JEL Viro

FDA approved sealing

JEL Viro

Easy replacing of sieve semi-bowls

JEL Viro

Easy handling

JEL Viro

Product feed via feed spiral / spiral conveyor

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JEL Viro

The JEL Viro centrifugal sifter is primarily used as a grading sieve for bulk solids with poor flow properties and bulk solids that are difficult to screen. Thanks to its compact design and continuous operation, the centrifugal sifter has a wide range of applications.


The product to be screened is fed vertically into the machine’s distributor channel head and from there it is transferred to the sieve via a feed spiral. Inside the two-part sieve basket, the product is distributed evenly onto the sieve surface via adjustable rotor bars. High throughput capacity is achieved during classification screening through the centrifugal effect of the sieve rotor and the additional vibration for the cleaning of the sieve fabric.

Range of application

  • Chemical industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Similar industries

Screening applications

  • Grading
  • Fine screening

Bulk solids

  • Grains
  • Powder
  • Fine powder
  • Grease
  • Granules


  • Stainless steel
  • GMP/ATEX compliant models available
  • Also available as gas-tight model

Convincing facts

  •  400% higher screening capacity than with standard centrifugal sifter
  •  Quick replacing of sieves (max. two minutes)
  •  Low operation effort (just one person)
  •  Especially designed for the screening of greasy and adhesive products
  •  Minimal vibration transfer onto building structure
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Examples of use


Machine features

The JEL Viro centrifugal sifter is based on a compact modular design.
Einstellbare Schlägerleisten
Adjustable rotating beaters
Kontinuierliche Siebabreinigung durch Erregung des Siebgewebes
Screen cleaning via vibration of sieve fabric
FDA-konforme Dichtungen
FDA approved sealing
Leicht wechselbare Siebhalbschalen
Easy replacing of sieve semi-bowls
Einfaches Handling
Easy handling
Produktzuführung über integrierte Zuführwendel/Förderschnecke
Product feed via feed spiral / spiral conveyor