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JEL VibSpeed

Vibration screening machine

JEL VibSpeed

Folding cover

JEL VibSpeed

Product dispensing

JEL VibSpeed

Easy replacing of sieves

JEL VibSpeed

Various sieve cleaning systems

JEL VibSpeed

Flat surfaces for easy cleaning

JEL VibSpeed

CiP cleaning upon request

JEL VibSpeed

Adjustable vibration motor

JEL VibSpeed

Quickly upgradeable to single or double decker

JEL VibSpeed

Schrank zum Lagern
von Siebeinlegern

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JEL VibSpeed

The JEL VibSpeed is a vibration screening machine, which convinces with its many possibilities for adjustment and cleaning as well as with its wide range of applications.


The screening process is continuous. The vibration screening machine JEL VibSpeed runs quietly and continuously, and it’s dust-free too. The direction of the oscillation is set by configuring the vibrators. This can be set between 0° and 90° in intervals of 15°. The angle of the sieve deck is set at 5° which can be changed by ±2°. The sieve inserts can be lifted upwards once the clamping device is loosened.

Range of application

  • Chemical industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Similar industries

Screening applications

  • Protective screening
  • Grading
  • Coarse/Oversize grain screening
  • Fine screening

Bulk solids

  • Grains
  • Powder
  • Fine powder
  • Grease
  • Granules


  • Vibration screening machine available with stationary or mobile undercarriage
  • Built-in viewing window
  • Available as single and double decker
  • Product dispensed during screening process
  • CiP cleaning possible
  • Inlet and outlet sleeves available individually
  • Optional triangular, spherical or ultrasound cleaning system
  • Optional GMP/ATEX and/or gas-tight models available

Convincing facts

  •  Various sieve inclination systems upgradeable
  •  Quick and easy replacing of sieves without the use of tools
  •  Direct machine access thanks to folding cover
  •  Can be quickly upgraded from single to double-decker
  •  Easy to clean thanks to its flat, accessible surfaces
  •  High tightness for even fine mesh sizes
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Screening Technology

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Examples of use

Ceramics Pharmacy

Product video

Machine features

The JEL VibSpeed vibration screening machine is based on
Aufklappbarer Deckel
Folding cover
Product dispensing
Einfacher Siebwechsel
Easy replacing of sieves
Verschiedene Siebabreinigungssyteme
Various sieve cleaning systems
Glatte Flächen für einfaches Reinigen
Flat surfaces for easy cleaning
CiP-Reinigung auf Wunsch
CiP cleaning upon request
Verstellbarer Vibrationsmotor
Adjustable vibration motor
Schnelle Umrüstung auf Ein- bzw. Doppeldeckervariante
Quickly upgradeable to single or double decker