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Combined weighing unit for filling different types of receptacles

With the development and the construction of a combined weighing unit for filling different types of receptacles the growing customer demands in this field have been taken into account.

Drums, containers and big bags can be filled with only one weighing unit within the valid calibration limits. Due to the modular construction and the elaborated concept the time required for modifications is limited to a few manual adjustments. For filling the container or the big bags you simply have to move the drum pipe to the side via a sliding system. The Engelsmann solution guarantees short standstill and waiting times

The receptacle can be inserted at ground level by means of a hand lift due to the provided U-shaped weighing unit. There is no need for a lift truck for handling the receptacle. The pneumatic loop holders fitted to the weighing unit take up the loops of the big bag during filling and automatically release them after the filling process.

The empty big bag is blown up by means of a ventilator and brought to shape before every filling. This process results in an ideal filling of the big bag as well as an even layer of products on the bottom of the big bag. The user benefits from the shape stability resulting thereof when transporting the filled receptacle.

A pneumatic inflatable hose is used for fixing the big-bag inlet. This hose has been planned in such a way that it is also possible to seal the container inlet while filling the container. Modification and adjustment by means of adapters is not necessary here.

Filling of the drum is realized by the swivelling product leading pipe with cover. Automatic filling has also been very important in this field.

The drums placed on the weighing unit are filled subsequently by means of the product filling pipe. The swivelling procedure is carried out via a drive motor. The weighing procedure is not being completed until all four drums have been filled.

All docking procedures are secured by means of an elaborate and conclusive security concept. Thus safety in operation and a high availability have been assured.

In case you have further questions about the weighing unit or in case you would like to discuss details in your company, you are kindly invited to contact our representative.