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Vibration screening machines

When a round vibro screen would be a better bet

Vibration screening machines are among the most popular screening machines on the market. No wonder, as this type of screening can be used for almost any product, with the exception of easily breakable bulk solids. It is particularly effective as the screening movement for vibration screening machines is, unlike with linear screening machines, vertical as well as horizontal, meaning even small vibration screening machines can achieve large levels of output. Vibration screening machines are available in a variety of different sizes and designs, meaning that the shape of the screen – which influences many different aspects of the screening process – probably plays the biggest role when it comes to selecting an appropriate machine. In addition to rectangular models, the screening technology specialist J. Engelsmann AG now supplies round vibration screening machines which have specific benefits, and are even the better choice for some applications.

Round or rectangular?

Small space, large screening surface area – the low amount of space required per m² of screening surface area is probably this screening machine’s greatest strength. This is primarily down to the fact that the screening surfaces for round screening machines can be built upwards. The individual screen decks are stacked on top of each other on the base of the machine, meaning that the screening surface area can be increased without needing more floor space for the machine. Round screening machines are also very flexible with regard to the position of the outlet as the screen deck outlets can be moved to almost any position within 360°. This flexibility is important when adding multiple screen decks. If, for example, conveyor equipment like a screw conveyor is needed underneath the outlets, the outlets can be positioned opposite each other instead of one on top of the other, meaning enough space is available underneath the outlets for the additional equipment.

Varying products and screening tasks, increasing output: operating companies which have to handle varying production volumes or even completely different products and screening tasks require flexible production equipment to be able to react quickly to changing requirements. Long changeover times and plant downtimes are not what you want here. The use of round screening machines is advantageous if the screening surface area or the number of fractions to be separated need to be retroactively adjusted or changed. Once again, the reason for that is that the screen decks can be stacked on top of each other. As the individual decks are easy to set up on top of the machine body, it’s also easy to remove them again or to add extra screen decks – even retroactively. Changeovers don’t require a great deal of effort from the operator, and the operating company could potentially save money by not having to buy an additional screening machine thanks to the versatility of the possible configurations.

Round shapes are more hygienic than rectangular ones. In general, corners and edges, such as those inside the screen trough, are particularly vulnerable to the accumulation of product residue or dirt. It is often very difficult to remove these contaminants as it is virtually impossible to reach the narrowest parts of the corners by hand. Round shapes and, therefore, round vibration screening machines are actually inherently more hygienic than rectangular screening machines. Of course, with some minor modifications, rectangular screening machines are just as good as the round models in terms of hygiene, and can be used in hygiene-sensitive industries like the food and pharmaceuticals industries without hesitation (see “Rectangular screening machines and hygiene” for more).

Whether round or rectangular is the better choice depends entirely on the operating company’s requirements and processes. Companies operating screening machines are, therefore, often better off with suppliers who stock both round and rectangular screening machines so they can test both types of screening machines to see if they meet their customers’ requirements. By expanding the previously rather rectangular range of screening machines to include the round vibration screening machine JEL VibRS, Engelsmann now has an even greater variety of products from which to find the appropriate screening solution for any application. In addition to the standard advantages of round screening machines, the new JEL VibRS round vibration screening machine stands out due to its high-quality workmanship, and the outstanding value for money.

Rectangular screening machines and hygiene

Rectangular screening machines can also be used when there are high hygiene requirements – provided that they are constructed in accordance with the basic principles of hygienic design, as the JEL Konti vibration screening machine from Engelsmann proves. The rectangular screening machine, which has mainly been used in the chemical industry up until now, is characterized primarily by the quick changeover of screen inserts and the machine’s simple handling. Engelsmann developers have redesigned the JEL Konti to enable the screening machine to be used in the food and pharmaceuticals sectors, and to conform with GMP/GAMP, FDA and German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) directives, and EU directive 1935/2004. The screen trough – previously rectangular – has now been designed with increased radii, meaning that product remnants cannot accumulate in the corners of the screen. All the internal parts are easy to get to, and the seals can also be removed for cleaning without needing to use tools. So it is possible to clean the screen trough thoroughly without a great deal of effort, despite its rectangular shape. There are also hygienic design features in places that don’t touch products: the minimalistic housing is easy to wipe down thanks to its smooth surfaces, and the screen itself is on a frame made from round pipes, on which very little product remnants are deposited. You can find more information on the JEL Konti at https://www.engelsmann.de/products/sieving-machines/vibro-sifter-jel-konti.